Question By User PotentiallyHappy

Hey guys!

My girlfriend has been learning bachata for years and has been really down she hasn’t been able to do it because of the pandemic. I do feel the drive to dance but I never do in public because I have zero rhythm and I’m very socially conscious of this. I would love to surprise my girlfriend by learning bachata on my own so that when I can see her again after lockdown in my country I can dance with her and make her happy.

I was wondering if someone here could give me advice on what might be…


User hatzfeld

To have a good social overall, I would go for:

— Enough dancers to dance all night with plenty of different partners, with a good Lead/Follow balance

— Place: Enough space to dance, good floor

— Good mood, no elitist groups judging everyone

— Good music

On the personal level, we all love to have great connection with our partners and go back home thinking of these 2–3 great dances we had! It’s more random though, and it can happen or not no matter the social quality.

User d_tiBBAR

For me, dance socials can be on-and-off on how great they are. I…

The following Websites Should help you practice your counts. To help you stay on beat.

I’d stress a preference to listening to any non-remix Bachata Song. and then clapping the bongo, and clapping the bass. Use Bachata Breakdown to train your ear to what to listen to :)

Bachata Timing Music with Counts


Marius Y Elena

Spotify Playlist

Question by User bamboosaou

Just wondering if anyone can share any tips with regards to dealing with stress or frustration during class?

As someone who leads, isn’t very coordinated and going through what is deemed beginners hell, I’m struggling to learn another form of Latin dancing called Zouk where I have to be very particular with my frame and how I move with even just the basics from the closed position to the Lateral.

As such, because Zouk is such a particular dance, I’m finding that I’m making 4–5 particular mistakes and despite trying so hard to correct them, my teacher and followers still…

Question by User Derrick993

So I’ve been dancing for 4 months now with no dance or music experience prior.
Before Covid hit, I was doing classes and socials up to 4 days a week while also dancing on my own.
I know the basic steps rather well and some more rather easy intermediate ones.
Today I have no choice but to wait for Covid to end, I dance home daily and take online classes too.

But I struggle with what feels like the very core basic of tracking the music.
I can identify the beats of a song and dance to it for some time:


User Enasakoma

I think by weak leading perhaps you refer to as too indecisive or unclear leading. This is what I interpret your question to be as, because if you interpret weak as soft then most professional/experienced dancers are very soft in their leading because it’s more about technique and subtle movements than brute force. The rougher the leader the worse he is usually.

Now, for unclear leaders you perhaps need to judge them by the level also. If the unclear leader is a very experienced dancer, then perhaps the unclear part is you being new and not knowing many of the…


User Khursed

Typically, for me at least, it’s about having fun and making sure my partner is enjoying herself. Try not to pay attention to what everyone is doing around you and just enjoy the connection with your partner.

For me it’s about a sense of understanding and effortlessness with your partner. Working at their level and making sure they are comfortable as well. Hard to really put into words but I’ve found that as long as your actions match your intention, you’re usually in good shape.

User lenrivera

Connection and awareness of when you’re hurting your partner as a lead.

— If your…

Question by User KiD_ArMaNi

How do you know when someone is beginner/intermediate/advanced/master?

I know this is a difficult question because opinions play a big part but try to give me your best answer.

I’m looking for checkpoints for myself to reach the “next level”


User Banzai416

Biggest difference is probably musicality — hitting the accents in song, and generally matching the mood of the music. Simple combos and good musicality > advanced combos with poor musicality.

User pdabaker

There’s way too many axes to give a proper answer.

One of the biggest ones I’ve noticed for leading is improvement in body weight awareness. Like, at first you’re focused…

Question By User EchoBlossom

Hey all! I want to learn to salsa dance with my boyfriend, who is taller than me. When we dance, I always lead. I’ve learned some basic step patterns (thank you Skillshare) but it’s still nothing we can really put to music. Any advice?

I’m 5'2 and he’s 5'9


User Cap2030

To compensate for the height difference you have to get closer to him to lead anything with your hands going over his head.

If getting closer didn’t help, learn how to initiate a turn and let go of his arm around his shoulder or waist as his arm wraps around him…

Question by user baconplease89

Hey all, any good websites to help a beginner learn salsa for the first time? Obviously with COVID keeping my expectations low, but would love to learn. Thanks ahead of time!


User ewdontdothat

YouTube has a ton of stuff for beginners that a simple search brings up. I would start there.

If you need motivation of a scheduled class to get you going, you should find dance schools in your area that offer lessons in the style you like. Most of them offer online or outdoor classes now, so for a reasonable fee you get to participate in a live class. …

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