Bow legged Social Dancers

Question by User APREACHERone

Hello Everyone, I started dancing Salsa 2 months ago and I enjoy every bit of it !

When I look myself dancing in front of a mirror, I realize that having bow legs does not make my steps look as neat/beautiful as I wish. Is it a problem to have bow legs in Salsa or every other type of couple dance ? Should I be concerned ? is there a way to hide it ?

btw, I am a 27 years old man


User MariusDA


First let me say that you shouldn’t worry about anything when social dancing other than having fun and a good time :D

No matter how your legs are, this won’t stop you from dancing and having fun.

As an artist, I travel and dance with a lot of people… And I danced with girls taller than me (I am 183 cm tall), I danced with a girl that had an underdeveloped armed ( a lot smaller than the other one), girls with rods in their spine, etc… and I had an awesome time and I made sure I was making them smile and also have a great time.

Why do I say this? Because teaching, we also had students with different “small” things like platfus, overrotation of one leg, bad knees (couldn’t go into a “proper” position), and even bow shaped legs… but we encouraged to look past this minor inconveniences and just have fun.

The thing is, there is a saying “What you see the others see”. So the more you focus on how your legs look, the more you will transmit this to others which in return will make you even more self-concious.

I recommend from a medical stand point to go to a doctor and ask for some advice, exercises etc… but other than that don’t think about it, you will learn, evolve, and have fun no matter how your legs are shaped :D

Hope this helps :D

User pavalover

Hi! I also noticed myself looking bow-legged a lot at the start. I made a conscious effort to keep my feet and knees facing forward (not outwards), which I think has helped a little. :)

User don_pista

Definitely not a problem! I have very bowed legs and used to get very self conscious about it during my late teens. But I don’t worry about it anymore. I love dancing Cuban salsa and I can understand what you mean about some moves looking weird sometimes but as long as you’re enjoying yourself dancing and your partner is enjoying the dance too, that’s all that matters! Hope that helps!

User Janastas

No, You can do cool leg behind the knee type drop spins.

Also, lots of casino style is dropping down, bending the legs and guaguaco’ing, so it’ll look natural.



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