First time taking a Salsa / Bachata / Kizomba / Brazilian Zouk Class

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3 min readFeb 26, 2022

#Salsa #Bachata #Kizomba #Zouk #BrazilianZouk #Class

First time taking a #Salsa #Bachata #Kizomba #Zouk #BrazilianZouk Class

They are worried that their awkwardness on the dance floor will prevent them from getting better.

They want to know What was your experience like learning to dance as a beginner and how did you break through that confidence barrier and get better at salsa dancing?

I think for most people it’s awkward at first. We all start somewhere and no one is going to expect you to be good right away. Just try your best to shake it off and have fun!

You need to keep going and if you enjoy it you will get better. One tip I can give you, start listening Salsa a lot , that will help you with your musicality.

I got a lot better when I stopped trying to prove something to myself or others and started focusing primarily on the music and how it made me feel.

It helps a lot to go out to socials with your class group, it will make you feel a lot less pressure and get a lot more practice since you’ll feel very comfortable with them.

Count and practice your basic while listening to the music. You can do that anywhere

It is all about creating muscle memory to the point you don’t have to think about the moves. So practice, practice, practice.

Advice for Socials — socials are another story because now there is pressure to stay on beat for a whole song and you may not feel like you know enough moves to keep the dance fun/interesting.

To get over this ask a different girl to dance every time you go out. This will give you more confidence and experience in leading/following with differing skill levels.

This is also an opportunity to get in “reps” of right turns, left turns, cross-body leads, etc. After a while you will become more confident in those moves and dancing will become more fun.

Most importantly you should expect yourself to mess up. Be comfortable with messing up because we are all learning something new. Just laugh it off and continue moving

When a more experienced dancer sees a new dancer — we are not thinking they suck! they should be embarrassed. I am empathizing with them and even remembering my beginner stage.
when i notice someone is clearly nervous, i think, “no need to be nervous. that’s not gonna help. dancing is supposed to be fun. just let loose even if you look ridiculous. youll get it in a few weeks and the new beginners will be admiring you instead.”

Understand the teachers see hundreds of new students that show up and drop out after a few weeks. they likely won’t even remember you were there a minute after class. the other students will be too nervous thinking about how they looked to worry about you. Just remember that unless you are a performer or instructor, no one is looking at you.

Good class etiquette — Make sure you show up as fresh as possible, shower, brush and floss, fresh deodorant, clip and file your nails, lotion your hands, maybe some gum. I know it seems obvious to most folks but a reminder never hurts.
— When rotating to new partner, remember to smile and tell them your name.
— Try your best to follow along, but if your partner messes up, don’t try to teach them. Unless they’re doing something that could hurt you or makes you uncomfortable, let them learn at their own pace with the instructors help. A gentle and humble “I think we go this way” should be the most you share.
— Sometimes it goes all wrong when trying out something you just learned, it’s a process and it’s rare that we do anything perfect right away. Remember to smile, thank your partner, and know it gets better
Getting familiar with the the music — Use the Salsa Beat Machine online or download the paid app. Use the instructor to hear the counts and rhythm, you can also mute instruments to help make sense of what you’re hearing.
And Finally — Relaxing, being humble, and staying kind will help you find friends to practice with and goes a long way to gaining confidence.




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