Is it too late to start dancing?

Is it too late to start social dancing? #Salsa #Kizomba #Bachata Brazilian #Zouk

If you have to ask this question then, The answer is of course, Yes !

If you did not shoot out your mothers womb doing a two step, you are destined to fail.

If you have not taken at least 12 years of ballet by the age of 14, GIVE UP NOW !!

If the idea of performing in front of a crowd of people makes your stomach queasy, Don’t quit your day job bub.

If you’ve ever had to youtube dance lessons, you may as well go cry in a corner because You are lost.

If you have not won 3 international dance competitions by the age of 21, you need to find a new hobby !

If you have not taught and instructed at least 5 world renown dancers, Don’t waste my time.

Simultaneously if you have not dedicated the past 30 years of your life, spent at least $100,000 in personal training, sacrificed your second born to the late great Shirley Temple or Michael Jackson. You do not have what it takes.

Dancing is not a sport for the weak willed or ill hearted, It takes dedication and determination. And by you asking that question just shows, you’re better off doing crochet.

People like you make me sick, scum of the earth. Think you can just pick up a new hobby whenever you feel like it. Pfffffft. Ill have you know, in my mothers womb, I was already practicing my basic step.

By 3 months old, I was teaching Salsa choreographies to Eddie Torres.

By 12 months, I had traveled the globe and brought Bachata to Middle Earth.

By 2 years old, I had already opened up a Kizomba Academy for the Blind.

The following year, I led a 7 person team across Brasil. Where I taught the locals the wonderful style of Brazilian Zouk.

If 👏 you 👏 resume 👏 does 👏 not 👏 compare 👏 go 👏 back 👏 to 👏 bed.

By 8 years old, Time Magazine had already named me the most important toddler EVER. The story was quickly shelved, due to the Kizomba Academy for the Blind having too many casualties. I definitely should have built a guard rail on that rooftop. But that is beside the point!

If you do not have a podcast where you interview the most amazing dancers on this planet, you should be ashamed 😉

If they have not built a statue of you that also serves as a religious holy site, why would you even bother to start?

If my point has not been made by now, then let me sum this up for you.

If you are not the great descendant of the Greek God Apollo, then this just is not going to work out.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talks.




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